Our services

Calibration of analysers

  • Detailed information about your analyser:
  • You can choose values of required concentrations.
  • The calibration can be performed at your office.
    • We have experiences with the calibration in Poland and Slovakia.
  • The calibration can be performed at weekends.
  • The certificate of calibration is in czech-english form.
  • You can receive the certificate of calibration within 1 day after the calibration.

Since 2008 we have been accredited by ČIA for the calibration of analysers of these gas mixtures: C3H8, CO, SO2, NO, O2, CO2, NO2, CH4 and NO/NO2 convertor efficiency. The range of calibration can be found in certificate of calibration - appendix. Other gas mixtures can be calibrated in non-accredited regime.

Mathematical consultancy

  • Evaluation and expression of uncertainty in measurement.
  • Mathematical calculation in Microsoft Excel.
  • Metrologist databasis.

Evaluation and expression of uncertainty in measurement are an important task for accredited subjects. We have experience with the evaluation of uncertainty in measurement according to the GUM (Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement) and EA - 4/02 M:2013 (Evaluation of the uncertainty of measurement in calibration) documents. We can explain the problems concerning the uncertainities to you and your employees, we can perform a seminar or even we can make the evalution of the uncertainty of measurement by ourselves.

We create mathematical models in programs such as Microsoft Excel with the aim of them being as automatical as possible.

Measurements of emissions from air pollution sources

  • We have more than 20-years of experience.
  • We gained the accreditation for the measurement of emissions in 2006 as a first firm in Czech Republic.
  • We can perform the accredited and authorized measurement of emissions of these substances:
    • TZL, CO, SO2, NOx, Corg
  • Technical measurements such as regulation of technological processes.

We do not perform measurement of vehicle emissions.